Making Advent Meaningful

During Advent we prepare for Christmas and prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus who came to save us from our sins. Our family celebrates and remembers in various ways. A new tradition we started this year is using a homemade Advent calendar.



After Halloween I snagged 72 candies from the kids stash (24 for each child). I used those candies for our advent treats. I filled 12 socks (in Toronto Maple Leaf colors) with 6 candies each. Each sock represents 2 days of Advent. Each day the kids thrust their hand into a sock and pull out a treat. Then we discuss the best Christmas gift ever – Jesus.


We also follow a Scripture reading plan that focuses on what Jesus has done for us. The kids then act out the nativity story using toy nativity pieces. So far Baby Jesus has been worshipped by Thomas the Tank Engine and Curious George. I’m curious to see who else will visit the manger this Christmas.


These stories provide the perfect opportunity to remind our kids that there is room for every soul around the manger and at the foot of the cross.


7 thoughts on “Making Advent Meaningful

  1. Debbie says:

    Love these ideas, Stacey. The Christmas season presents many opportunities to intentionally share our faith with our kids. I do love your creche 🙂


  2. Ruth says:

    We tried to make Jesus, and the nativity accessible to our children. One day I found all the animals face down, with their bums in the air. Daniel said they were bowing to the baby Jesus. I had to leave them – he got the picture 🙂


  3. Laura Meraw says:

    I started doing advent things this year too! I’ve always set up a nativity, but this year I made an advent wreath with candles. Tyson has been lighting the candles each night, and we got a advent calendar (similar idea as yours, but with 24 little mittens on a string). So, we’ve been lighting the candles and reading a bit from an advent devotional that a friend (whose kids now now grown) gave us to use.
    It is really adding a lot of meaning back into Christmas, by just a few simple things! I’m glad to hear you are starting these traditions with your kids. I don’t know who enjoys it more, us or the kids! Once your kids get old enough to enjoy playing with matches, they will really enjoy an advent wreath too!


    • staceyweeks says:

      Oh Laura – how I miss you!!!! You are such a wonderful mother and Tyson is growing into a wonderful young man. May God continue to bless you as you strive to serve Him with all that you are.
      I think our kids would love to play with matches (sigh) but we are not ready for that adventure! We are a few years off from lighting candles. There was a lovely advent calendar on Ann Voskamp’s blog. Her son made them to sell. It can also be used at Easter. I bet you would love it. You can link to her blog by clicking A Holy Expereince under my blogroll on my homepage. You might have to search back through some older posts to find it.
      Merry Christmas!


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