Living Words

Saturday morning Orchard Park Bible Church hosted our annual Ladies Christmas Gala. In preparation for this day I spent three-quarters of 2011 drafting ideas, writing programs, and trashing them knowing it was not the program God had for us.

I panicked as winter turned to spring and spring turned to fall and I exhausted my list of speakers and musicians. It was eight weeks before the event date and we had nothing. Things were not going according to my plan.

When I reached the end of my resources and had no viable ideas God spoke.

I didn’t hear His actual voice. There was no flash of lightning, roll of thunder, or vivid dream. I can’t really convey how He spoke, only that I know He did. He reminded me that this event belonged to Him. This event is meant for His glory. He would direct me if I would listen and quit trying to plan it on my own strength.

God needed to correct me. I took too much ownership of something that didn’t belong to me. Instead of writing a fourth program I promised God that I would devote that time to further study in His Word, time in prayer and trust His timing and direction.

The entire event took shape and came together in a magnificent way. Almost every word in our program came straight out of Scripture, from beginning to end. I couldn’t wait for December 3rd to arrive so I could see it all unfold.

Satan stayed busy in the weeks leading up to the gala. Key volunteers were scheduled to work, relocated, and became sick. As the days went on it became clearer and clearer that Satan did not want God proclaiming his Word.

During the gala we struggled with Power Point issues, computers issues, and video issues. We had to adjust our plans on the fly. However, our sovereign God is bigger than electronic problems, works schedules and illness. Some things were resolved, some things were not but I am sure God controlled it all.

God’s Word was proclaimed on December 3rd and I believe it accomplished everything He desired. To God be the glory!

4 thoughts on “Living Words

  1. Kathryn says:

    It was simple Stacey, but very Biblical, the very word of God through the prophets. A nice quiet, reflective time in the midst of the rush! Thanks!


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