Growing Ministry

Everyday a million thoughts swirl through my mind. Most pass through as observations sailing out as fast as they blow in. Once in a while a thought lingers; it stays with me forcing me to re-evaluate previous patterns and beliefs.

I’ve been thinking about the ministries in which I am involved. There is great value in encouraging my sister’s in Christ and there is great value in challenging one another to grow up in our faith and put forth the effort required by God to live according to His Word. I love serving God’s daughters in this way.

There is also great value in reaching into the surrounding community and ministering to people who need to feel the hands and feet of Jesus as they hear about Jesus. I believe there needs to be a balance of both types of service in a healthy believer and in a healthy church.

This is a thought that lingered.

And lingered.

And lingered.

Am I balanced? Does one type of ministry outshine the other in my life? I can choose carefully where and how I serve striving for this kind of balance. I can serve where it is easy because I love it and I can serve where it’s hard because I love God.

Hard service is costly; it might cost money, time, or comfort. But Christian love is costly. It cost God his Son. It cost Christ his life. It is the way God loves us and it is the way He calls us to love our neighbour.

One way I plan to love my neighbour in the coming year is by ensuring our church’s community garden ministry continues. This is a ministry that desperately needs more volunteers to continue to meet the growing needs of our community so I’ve signed up for summer work planting and weeding one day a week. This garden provides fresh produce to a variety of homes that minister to those with great needs.

If you know me at all, you know I am not a natural gardener. This is hard service that I willingly do because I love my God and I want to serve my neighbours. I am excited about living out what God has confirmed in my heart and inviting my children to serve alongside of me.

You can read about our community garden a few others here.

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