Pinching pennies as prices go up

A new year brings with it resolutions, promises, and new hopes. Unfortunately many of these resolutions lack longevity. Promises fall by the wayside soon after the clock rings in a fresh start.

Our family goal this year is to eat healthier AND reduce our grocery budget. I’ve discovered the two ideas do not mesh but I’m not ready to give up.

We already made the switch to a heart healthy breakfast of steel-cut oats. At first our kids balked at the idea, complaining they missed their sugary cereal. We empowered them by giving them choice regarding toppings. We alternate between brown sugar, maple syrup, PBJ, fresh fruit and a hazelnut spread.

I purchase the oats at the bulk store and I estimate we have shaved at least $20 a month from our grocery budget by not buying grossly overpriced cereal.

With the breakfast hurdle behind us I am now on the hunt for a cheap lunch option. I’ve found some pasta suggestions online such as noodles with butter and a piece of fresh fruit. I also like the sound of noodles with olive oil and parmesan cheese. I often make homemade soup so I believe I am on the right track.

Snack time is always fresh fruit or a homemade treat.

It’s seems wrong that processed ready-made products are cheaper than fresh fruit and veggies. I am determined to find a healthy balanced way to feed my family that doesn’t break the bank. I’m looking for other penny-pinchers with brilliant menu ideas for variation. Please comment and share your ideas. What do your kids eat for lunch?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “Pinching pennies as prices go up

  1. Rosemarie says:

    If it is lunch and not dinner then Baked beans on toast was always a favorite with my kids, the beans are part of your healthy 5 a day when it comes to 5 day fruit and veg for a healthy diet.


  2. staceyweeks says:

    Most people commented on my facebook link about this topic so I’ll share the suggestions for the blog followers. eggs, homemade pizza buns, buy roast meats etc on sale have for dinner slice the rest for lunches. And of course, leftovers!


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