Turn a boring tablecloth into a family treasure

This idea came from Thriving Family magazine and I used our tablecloth this past Christmas for the first time. I absolutely love the idea.

Supplies needed: one tablecloth and fabric markers.

First I found an old plain white tablecloth. Then I purchased fabric markers from the local craft store and chose a scripture verse to write down the center. I chose Psalm 106:1 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.” I wrote part of the verse facing one side of the table and part of the verse facing the other side of the table.

Using  a pencil I marked where I wanted the letters then I traced them in black. Now every Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas we will use this cloth to decorate the table. Using a different color fabric marker each person present writes down something for which they are thankful with their name and the year.

I can’t wait to set the table years from now and look over the praise and thanks offered to God by our family. A treasure indeed.

We started Christmas day with a breakfast feast. My parents were visiting so our cloth was christened with seven signatures and thanks.

After Christmas I washed the tablecloth and I’m happy to report the color never ran. I think this idea is a keeper.

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