Old Picture Frames, New Organizers

Who doesn’t have a few old picture frames kicking around? This week we are re-purposing two frames for different uses. One small frame becomes a bright, fun weekly organizer. The other larger frame becomes a unique cork board.

Jessica submitted this first frame project. She used a regular 8×10 frame to create this weekly organizer. Jessica often finds her inspiration from the website, pinterest. Check there for similar ideas.

She cut colorful scrapbooking paper into seven strips and layered them creating one 8×10 sheet. She recommends double-sided tape to hold the paper in place. She then tapped circles at the start of each row and a paper letter to represent each day of the week. Placing the colorful sheet behind the glass she uses a dry erase marker to keep track of her weekly schedule marking the dates over the colorful dots and daily information across each stripe.

Handy tip: If you forget to use a dry erase and use a permanent marker by mistake, rubbing alcohol will remove the ink.

The second project requires a cork board and large frame. This frame was found at a second-hand store and the cork board was found on Kijiji. The old wooden frame held a wonderful beauty so I decided against painting it.

Using hot glue, I glued the cork board behind the frame to create a handy message area, a place to showcase the kid’s artwork, and a place to display Christmas cards. It also decorates the backdoor entrance way.

Check out this window now frame from Pinterest: Photoframe

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