Barbara Ann Derksen shares about God’s timing

As I drive through the Missouri countryside, I catch a glimpse here and there of fall color. There are some reds and yellows but they, at this time of year, are scattered amongst the greens of summer. I know in the next couple of weeks the color will increase and that’s a wonderful thing, but, I also know that this will herald in the cold winter months. Yuck.

My head spins with deadlines ahead, articles to write, workshops to attend, and commitments to family. We’ve just completed 3 months on the road, a month at home, and now another 3 weeks of traveling, and while I love the activity, there are times when sitting at the feet of My Savior is much preferred. Today is one of those days.

God brought a reality to mind this morning during my study and devotional time. Everything is in His time…not mine. His timing is perfect because He can see the big picture, I can’t. I can agonize over deadlines but, as always happens, the work will get done as long as I spend time with Him first, keep Him in the picture, and stop trying to do it all by myself.

A lot of writer’s feel that their life of writing is a solitary profession, and in some ways it is. But if they’d remember that God is part of it, they’d know that He sits in the next chair collaborating, sifting, and planting ideas. Each book contains just the insights He wants to implant in each of my reader’s minds, just at the time when they need to hear them. Isn’t that astonishing?

He’s enthroned above the heavens and yet, He knows when it’s the right time to teach us this or that, to bring this person to our door or to the other end of a cell phone. He allows events to happen at the very moment when they will either teach us to look to Him alone or turn us away from Him (our choice) and He knows which avenue we’ll take.

Am I rambling? God’s timing is both encouraging and confusing at the same time. I feel encouraged that God knows me so well and yet, I wonder why now. Those are the times when I need to search His word, seek His face, and spend a lot of time with Him.

Oh…I guess that’s why.


After spending a number of years as a journalist Barbara Ann Derksen has published 12 books. Her mysteries are available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.  Her novels and devotionals are  also available on her website along with sample chapters.

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