Visual Learners

This idea is for all of you that parent a visual learner. This privilege board hangs in a visible place in my friend’s home. (Which is, btw, a white board, a magnetic board, and a privilege board. Now that’s multitasking!)

It has four columns:

  • Attitude
  • Forgetfulness
  • Privileges
  • Privileges removed

Her daughters receive a gentle reminder three times regarding attitude and five times regarding forgetfulness before they lose a privilege. They decided on these numbers because forgetfulness is part of being a child, and gentle reminders are sometimes needed. Attitude is simply not tolerated.

There is no fuss, no fighting, no arguing. When one forgets to do an expected task the number under forgetfulness goes up one. When one sasses Mom or Dad the number under attitude goes up one. When they reach the limit a privilege is moved under the ‘removed privileges’ column.

Mom says when the girls are one point off losing something valuable to them they are more diligent and aware of their actions and words.

Magnetic numbers can be purchased at the dollar store, and custom magnets can be printed off your computer. This magnetic board was purchased, but you could make one like this by framing a piece of metal sheeting available at Home Depot.

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