Road trip memories

We are on a family holiday right now enjoying sunny days in Florida, Disney, and poolside lounge chairs. We drove three days in a van packed with 3 kids and Oma. The chatter and laughter made me think back to the last time I was jammed in thigh to thigh on a road trip.

Years ago, when Kevin and I were dating, I took a holiday. His extended family invited me (okay, I invited myself) on a road trip to visit him at Moody Bible Institute. On this vacation I sat in the middle of the front seat wedged between his relatives (relatives that I really didn’t know that well).

We stayed in a hotel near the school and every morning his Uncle Ellwood did the same thing – he began the day leading his clan in worship for God ( a clan I was  welcomed into a few years later when Kevin and I married). He read from scripture, a short devotional, and prayed.

I don’t remember what he read or the passage of scripture. I remember that my presence didn’t deter him from doing what he did every day, worshipping God and inviting his family to join him.

He probably has no idea what an impact that had on me, a young woman, fairly new in her faith and watching closely. It really doesn’t matter if he knows, I don’t believe it would have made a lick of difference because he wasn’t doing it for me – he did it for God.

He and his wife have two grown children both walking closely with the Lord. I imagine their deep faith has roots in the soil they toiled as they lived out their own faith in front of their loved ones.

This trip brought these memories fresh to my mind and a smile to my face. Uncle Ellwood never knew how that impacted me. It makes me wonder what my kids notice about me.

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