Project for leftover tile

Andrea had slate tiles leftover from a home renovation project. She had a verse carved into two of them. Now they grace the family room mantel in a meaningful way.

Check out the carving up close

If you do not have the odd tile kicking around you can easily pick one up at your local ReStore at a discounted price (Habitat for Humanity store) or purchase a new one at your favorite home renovation store.

Andrea was kind enough to share her leftovers and I stencilled the words to compare painting verses carving.

The paint works well for an indoor project, but if you plan to lay the tile outdoors I suggest the carving. Carving does not come cheap so be prepared to pay for the quality and durability it offers. If you happen to have leftover paint (like I did) and borrow the stencils (like I did) the project can be completed for free.

Just the kind of project I like.

If you try it yourself, send me some pictures. I’d love to see them.

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