Something to Sing About

“The door to days gone by is a strange little door, and it can pop open at the oddest moment. When it does that – pops open – unbidden, and spills the light of memory at your feet, you know that almost always you are going to walk through the door, even though you are well aware that once you do there is no telling the strange places you might go (Stuart McLean, Extreme Vinyl Cafe).”

The door is open. Come with me back to the 1990’s and sing along. What GREAT memories. What challenging lyrics. What a time of praise I’m having here alone in my kitchen.

Beautiful lyrics, beautiful testimony.

One of my personal favorites. Well, I guess they all are or I wouldn’t be posting them.

You’ve gotta watch that one just for the hair

Saw him in concert – he was AMAZING!!!!

Couldn’t decide between this and Jesus Freak…

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