Outdoor lighting is EXPENSIVE

We recently revamped our front porch and gardens. The final touch was a new flush mount light to replace the wonderful light bulb currently hanging down. Isn’t the bulb a beauty?

We priced out a few options. Check these out:

Option one is found at Arcadian Lighting

Option two is found at Linens n Things:

Neither was horribly expensive, but on the heels of an expensive porch project they both soared out of our price range. Instead, we hit the Walmart, bought a cheap lamp shade for $4.99 and called it done.

Not quite as fancy as the others but better than a light bulb! Maybe next year we’ll splurge on something prettier. Until then, I get great satisfaction from my inexpensive shade.

Other lighting ideas:

Mood lighting can be very expensive check this link to learn how to do this for about $3.00:

I also considered a DIY drum shade for the porch. Learn how to make your own here:

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