Trouble Finding a Shower Curtain? – Paint One in 5 Easy Steps!

Jessica couldn’t find a shower curtain to match her basement colour scheme of blue, green and brown so she decided to paint one using leftover paint.

Supplies: Plain shower curtain, leftover paint, brush, stencil.

Difficulty: Easy

Durability: Great. (Gave it a wash this week end and it washed up well.)

Total Cost: $20 (for the shower curtain.)


  1. Purchase or make your plain shower curtain. Jessica’s cost $20
  2. Cut both ends off a coffee can to use as a stencil
  3. Measured and trace your circles out from the center so it looks the same at both ends.
  4. Used a stenciling paint brush to dab on the paint on instead of brushing it. This prevents bleeding.
  5. Enjoy a curtain that matches perfectly.

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