My One Thousand Gifts

It’s hard to believe I’m here, at number 1000 on my list of Thanksliving. On August 15, 2011 I started this journey inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. I want to live intentionally, recognizing how blessed I am in every way. Am I closer to the life of gratitude I desire?

One thousand steps closer.

This past year has taught me that God is here. In the mess. In the burnt dinner. In the rush. He is here. And when I find Him in the small things the big things don’t seem quite so big.

The list is complete but the journey is not. 1001 and counting….



926. Routine 927. Regular schedule 928. Dependable income 929. Spring 930. Last year’s grass warming itself in the sunshine 931. A warm breeze 932. Planting a new garden 933. Planting ANOTHER new garden 934. Transplanting plants 935. Perennials 936. Reusing everything 937. Growth 938. Goodbye’s, however painful 939. Text messages 940. Choosing to trust 941. Difficult growth 942. Acceptance 943. Incorrect test results 944. Holding my tongue 945. Progress 946. New front steps 947. Hard workers 948. A loving church family 949. Small group 950. Praying over the phone with a far away friend 951. Inspiration 952. Mother’s Day times three 953. Good tiredness 954. Discovering a new author 955. A hot bath 956. Feeling clean 957. Surprises 958. Eating my fill 959. Leftovers 960. New recipes 961. Giggles 962. Early morning smiles 963. A healthy heart 964. Specialists 965. Wisdom 966. Quality Sunday school teachers 967. Entering into worship with other believers 968. Window shopping and coming home empty-handed 969. Noisy bus trips 970. Happy chatter 971. Pleasant company 972. Discussing this list with others 973. Transplanting more plants 974. Tomato plants 975. Resurrected blueberry plants – yay! 976. Fresh produce 977. Crisp salad 978. Quiet mornings alone 979. Garden dirt under my nails 980. Having my hair washed by someone else 981. Two custom-built in’s 982. God presence in the chaos 983. Parenting class 984. Recognizing my sin 985. New friends 986. Ikea 987. Kijiji 988. Mom’s freezer 989. Trips home 990. Sisters 991. Friends like sisters 992. Projects 993. Feeling accomplished 994. Brothers 995. King sized beds 996. Knock knock jokes 997. Sleepovers 998. Hearing, “Daddy’s home!” 999. Bunk beds 1000. My husband’s unconditional love

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