Vintage Doors

I love all things old. There is something beautiful about history. I’d love to replace our old back door with a door that has some of the beautiful vintage details I’ve come to love. Unfortunately, it is not a practical choice for us.

So we left the old brown wooden door in place, painted it bright red (one of my favorite fall back colors), and added faux leaded strips on the glass window.

The faux lead strips came from Micheals and were very easy to use. They peel off the paper and stick to the glass.

The strips come with instructions. You clean the glass, tape a pattern to the backside of the glass, and press the strips onto the glass tracing the pattern. I made my own pattern (you can also buy patterns).

I pressed the lead strips to both sides of the glass to give it a thicker appearance. The pictures are not the greatest, sorry. They are the best I have on hand.

Old doors are not garbage, they can be reborn with a bit of paint and imagination. If the door needs to go for reasons other than decor, below are a few projects you might consider instead tossing the door in the trash.

Revamped old doors:

A front door organizer

Chalkboard weekly organizer

Chalk board paint is applied right over the glass panel.

These three ideas were found at 25 ways to re-purpose and reuse old vintage doors

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