Versatile Field Rocks

The Niagara region boasts a plethora of field stones. That’s probably why we see rock walls, stone work on grand homes, field stones in garden decor, and various rock paths.

I’ve tried my hand at different rock projects. Maybe that’s where my daughter gets her desire for souvenir rocks. Everywhere we visit she brings home a special stone. I understand.  Lugging the rocks from field to project is tiresome, but rewarding. Below are two pictures that use field stones I’d love to try one day.

A rock wall:

or a stone path:

This type of stone work impresses me, but I have no dream about trying it.

If those projects are too intimidating these painted rocks and stone footprints might be easier first time projects. They are more my daughter’s speed.

And for you artistic types:

If any of you try a rock project send me a picture! Us rock lovers over here would love to check it out.

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