Proverbs 31. Encouraging or discouraging?

There is a chapter in the bible that gives us a glimpse at possibly the most beautiful woman ever. Interestingly, despite her long list of merits her appearance is never mentioned. She is often presented as the ideal woman to Christian women, and as the ideal spouse to Christian men. Yet, no one knows what she looks like. Her attractiveness comes from her character.

Some interesting facts about her:

•           She is ideal, priceless, a provider, investor, strong, vigorous, and generous.

•           She works with her hands.

•           She is an early riser and a hard worker.

•           She exudes strength and dignity, and she is wise and faithful.

•           She is busy, admired, and most importantly, blessed by the Lord.

Do you feel intimated yet?

This woman was not only domestic. She was also a businesswoman, a manager, and manufacturer. She possessed many virtues that women today need to survive and to excel.  Along with these entrepreneurial qualities she was also an excellent wife, mother, and caregiver.

Read about her in Proverbs 31.

Consider that this passage may not describe one woman. It might be a collection of traits that portray the ideal qualities of a Godly woman. Rather than discourage you over what you cannot do, be inspired to be all you can be for Christ. Learn from this woman whose rare qualities place her value far above rubies.

2 thoughts on “Proverbs 31. Encouraging or discouraging?

  1. Ruth says:

    Interesting how women like Jezebel and Delilah were know for their outward beauty. Didn’t do them any good! Not saying we shouldn’t care! Seems Esther was no slouch. It’s all in what (who) we give glory to and what becomes our idol. Also, God expects our best, and we should strive for that, we need examples of what to work towards, and this chapter gives us the utmost example!


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