Normal – Just a setting on your dryer! Ruth Ens

Many conversations with friends during the last few months have focused on health-issues, and getting back to normal.  A few friends, myself included, have dealt with some pretty traumatic situations in these past few years.  We ask the same questions: When will I have the energy I used to have? When will I have the physical flexibility I used to have? When will my emotions settle down? WHEN WILL I LOSE THE EXTRA WEIGHT I PUT ON DURING CHEMO & RADIATION? (Oh wait – that last one was just mine.)

The “new” normal.  It’s like a buzz word.  A word women have had to contend with all our lives as we have gone from child, to hormonal teenager, to pregnant mother, to menopausal wife.  We never stay the same!  I want some stability and control in my life, and it seems that just as I find a peaceful existence, something changes.
Thank goodness we have a heavenly Father that is the same yesterday, today and will be the same tomorrow.  He is stable.  He is in control.  I only have to go to His word to be reminded of His faithfulness to His people throughout the ages, and to me today.  His plans include changing me, in whatever shape that might be, and however that might take place.  I only have to be willing to be a part of the process.
2 Corinthians 5:17 – “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come”.
How exciting that I am not like a stagnant pond, full of scum and mosquitoes, but am like a rushing river of cold, clear water, full of life, and full of Christ, who is available to all who are thirsty.
Forget normal, I am new.
 Ruth Ens is a wife, mother of 3, and grandmother of 1.85

2 thoughts on “Normal – Just a setting on your dryer! Ruth Ens

  1. Bev says:

    Oh man Ruth! I so relate – I am just like a yoyo, up, down and swung ’round & round the world’ by the events of life. Thank you for the reminder!


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