God, our provider by Ellie Kendrick

After we moved into our new home frustration overwhelmed me. My children picked up bad behaviours and made some bad choices. The neighbourhood kids spent the day coming and going through our back door. They helped themselves to anything they could find in our house causing my anger toward God to grow.

Why did You bring us here? I just want to move back to our old, quieter neighbourhood.

I sat in my prayer room with arms raised high and asked God to rescue me. I fell to my knees and cried, “I can’t do this. I don’t have the energy to look after my own kids let alone all the neighbourhood kids. I CAN’T DO THIS.”

God whispered, “My dear, dear Ellie…have I ever led you to a place where I have not equipped you to do immeasurably more than you think you are capable of?

That’s when God began to change my heart. I envisioned children coming to know Christ in our home and hearing His Word through my kids. When my six-year-old shared Jesus’ love with her little friends I realized I am exactly where God wants me. And while I teach the Bible to my own children, there are moments when I can teach the neighbourhood kids as well. I know without a doubt He has called me to love, love, love on all the children He brings through my door.

God is faithful! He never gives us anything He hasn’t already given us the resource for. I marvel at how God continues to grow this love for the neighbourhood children.

Ellie is a pastor’s wife, mom of four energetic and crazy kids, and she loves God with all her heart.

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