Easy pizza box solar oven

I often have kids ranging in age from 1 to 10 in my house so I love to find a challenging project that the two oldest can handle with minimal supervision.

I found multiple links on how to build a solar oven from a pizza box. I gathered the material while the younger children enjoyed quiet time. Once everything was gathered, I set the older two in front of the online instructions and let them have at it.

They went right to work cutting an opening in the box top, wrapping it with foil, and lining the bottom of the box with black construction paper.

Next they rolled up newspaper for insulation.

They assembled smores in the center of the box (you can bake just about anything in a solar oven). The sun played peak-a-boo behind the clouds this day so we decided to try an easy recipe that simply required melting.

We closed the lid and sealed it with duct tape. (We should have done this first THEN put in the smores.) Oh well. It all worked out.

We taped plastic wrap over the top allowing us to see into the oven, propped open the foil lid with a dowel and placed the box in the sun.

They spent the next hour running in and out of the house to check on the oven.

Finally – I say finally because every day has been so hot, but today, when we want the sun and the heat, it cools down and is slightly overcast –  finally, SMORES!

It’s Personal says: This was super easy. The 8 and 10 year old had no trouble following the directions themselves. Once we removed the plastic wrap to take out the smores we tucked the oven away to reuse another day. We’ll need to add fresh plastic wrap over the opening but everything else remained intact.

What are Smores? We sandwiched two large marshmallows in between two cookies. Usually chocolate chip cookies are a great choice, but we used raisin cookies.

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