Kids indoor playhouse

All you need are some basic sewing skills, leftover fabric, and a creative mind to whip up a playhouse.

Inspired by this beauty found on Pinterest

…I made my own pattern and got sewing.

If you don’t have leftover fabric consider old sheets or visiting the local Goodwill to purchase these items at a huge discount. I (fortunately) had a box of fabric sent from my sister to use up.

My table top is a bit more rectangular than square so I had two long sides (side walls) and two shorter sides (front and back entrance). I featured the table last week.

First, I cut the fabric to cover the top of the table. The light teal is my table top “roof”.

Next, I cut two dark blue pieces of side walls. These are the width of the table side and the height from floor to table edge.

Then I stitched the “walls” to the “roof” on each side of the teal cloth.

I got a bit creative with the front and back entry. You can see from my pieces how I stitched the door and both colors of fabric together to make one front panel and one back panel.

Note: This much sewing is not necessary. You could just as easily use one panel of light-colored canvas and paint your design onto the front/back of the house.

After sewing the pieces together I stitched it to the “roof” the same way I attached the side panels.

I sewed up the corners. (I still have to hem the bottom).

The kids spent the better part of the day playing in the house. And the best part is, when they are finished I can take it off and toss it into the costume bin. Easy set up. Easy clean up. Every mom’s dream.

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