ten dollar Journey Girl doll bed

The latest craze to hit the Weeks’ home is the doll craze. Not just any doll craze, but the 18 inch soft body Maplelea Girls doll craze. The Maplelea doll comes with a hefty price tag of $99.

Yup, $99.

Needless to say, our daughter has the Toys ‘R’ Us version that still carried a steep price tag of $32.99. It took about two weeks for our online order to be delivered to our home where we welcomed the newest addition to the family, Dana.

Meet Dana.

We are able to order all sorts of extra things for Dana. I find it interesting that her clothes cost more than mine (which is why next week I’ll post some easy sewing instructions to dress your Journey Girl in style).

This week we tackle the bed. Dana needed a place to sleep and her feet hung over the edge of Kaitlyn’s doll crib. The bed the good people of Toy’s ‘R’ Us designed for Dana and her friends is a whopping $49.

Granted, it’s a loft bed, and probably nicer then the bed Kaitlyn sleeps in, but still way to much money. Katie’s birthday was fast approaching and we needed to get Dana a bed. I searched our trusty Kijiji ads looking for any doll bed that didn’t rock (because Dana is not a baby doll, she is a pre-teen doll). I found this diamond in the rough for $10.

Using leftover paint from other house projects I painted it white. I used stencils to trace flowers around the edges and painted them soft colors suitable for a pre-teen girl.

I used some leftover padding …

…and an old mismatched sheet and sewed up a matching mattress cover, sheet, and pillow.

Next I made a quilt from a scrap of quilted fabric and voila – we have a doll bed for $10.00. Now that’s a price I can smile about!

5 thoughts on “ten dollar Journey Girl doll bed

  1. Merle Hagerty (Marsha's Mom) says:

    I love it! When Marsha and her sister were little, it was “Cabbage Patch Kids” that were unreasonably priced and they never had the real thing either, they had cheaper look-alikes, and Grandma (my Mom) and aunt made tons of beautiful clothes for those dolls. I know there were comments from peers that their dolls weren’t “real” Cabbage Patch dolls, but they seem to have grown up without any long-lasting scars!
    I love that you are actively “fighting the culture war”!


    • staceyweeks says:

      I remember Cabbage Patch Kids! Yes, that was the craze back then. Every generation has it’s “must have” item.
      Kate was happy with a Journey Girl. Many of her friends have this knock off version. She was thrilled with the bed and nightly tucks in Dana – sleep mask and everything.


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