Painted Countertop

Some counters are just terrible. When we moved into our home the kitchen and bathroom counters could not be salvaged – and trust me, I searched out EVERY option.

In my hunt for solutions I stumbled upon pictures of before and after painted laminate counters. If your countertop is in good shape, this is a great option, especially if you are renovating on a tight budget.

Since my counters were not paint worthy I purchased new counters from Mylen. (Since my uncle owns the store I thought I’d do a little advertising for him.) Despite not being able to try painting a counter myself, I hoped a friend would try so I could see first hand the results. And finally one has!!!

Carol Anne needed to update her bathroom and kitchen counters at her cottage. She didn’t want the hassle or the expense of new counters so she opted to paint. She tackled the bathroom first knowing if it worked out she could tackle the kitchen at a later date.

The before was in good shape, but the color dated it.

She followed the easy steps found here and the result is totally fabulous. Here is the counter after the paint treatment.

I was able to see this counter up close when we visited the cottage and it looks great. I’d paint a countertop in a heartbeat.

Here is a before and after painted counter that used spray paint. Instructions are here.

And another, complete with instructions here.

Kind of makes you want to paint a counter, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Painted Countertop

  1. Ruth says:

    Stacey, our friends moved into a farmhouse about 10 years ago. It had a dated kitchen, with chipped Formica. They had spent their funds on the huge property (enough for grapes and horses) and did not have much left for decor. Myself and another friend took it upon ourselves to sponge paint the counter tops in appropriate colors, with magnificent results. Although it is again dated, it has held up to the test of time with only a bit of wearing in the most used places. They are looking to redo the whole kitchen next year but have been very thankful for the reasonable alternative that painting the counter top gave.


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