He Will Direct My Steps

“It’s not about whether I can do this but about whether I am willing to surrender and fall into my Saviour’s arms.  It’s about whether I’m willing to let Him carry me through this moment and every moment from here on.” 

There are days I feel like a complete and total failure. There are days I think I can’t do it anymore. There are days when the next step feels too huge to even try to take it. These days beg one question:

Will I trust God to carry me through this moment and every future moment?

When the job feels unproductive, when I run like crazy but get nowhere, when the diagnosis is grim. Will I trust God? Not just with my future, but for the strength required for each step?

You see, it’s not about whether can handle any of these things, it’s about believing that God can handle them.

It’s not about doing my best.  It’s about surrendering to God’s will and trusting Him for His best.

It’s not about getting stronger. It’s about knowing God is stronger and depending on Him.

It’s not about pushing through the difficulty on my own strength. It’s about trusting God to provide for each step, one step at a time.

Picture by Morgan Falk Photography

First posted Nov 15th, 2010

2 thoughts on “He Will Direct My Steps

  1. Ellie Kendrick says:

    Exactly about some of the ways that God has been speaking to me and asking me whether i will just trust Him and depend on Him and Him alone. Thanks for sharing Stacey. May you be richly blessed in your walk with Him today.


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