Top of the ladder

What if God says this is it? There is nothing further up the career ladder. The gifts He gave you are not in preparation for some super exciting future project, they are for now, for this season of life, right where you are.

Can your pride accept that God, in His perfect plan, might limit your career or cap your earning potential for His purposes? That maybe you are talented enough and gifted enough to succeed in the big city, but He wants to use you in your small hometown?

Can you accept it? Can I? Can we stop longing for what might be next and truly serve God with everything we have where we are?

Lately God has been speaking to me about my plans. I hear a caution from Him to loosen my grip and open my heart. Although “the plans of the heart belong to man…” and “the heart of man plans his way…,” my answers are from God and God alone. I may plan my path but the Lord determines my steps (Proverbs 16:1, 9).

I think God knew relaxing our hold would be hard. I think maybe that’s why He talks so much about contentment (Psalms 16, Philippians 4:11). It is a constant action of give and take. Dreaming huge, believing God for big things, but allowing Him to mark the trail and accepting His path as the better one. The fact that my life is not about my happiness flies in the face of modern teaching. But it’s the truth. For the believer, life is not about our happiness. It’s about glorifying God.

I have goals. But more than reaching those goals I want to follow God. “Show me your ways, O Lord. Teach me your path (Psalms 25:4).”

2 thoughts on “Top of the ladder

  1. Haunani says:

    Oh, I love this post! I struggle so much with patience. I hear things that Heavenly Father wants me to do, and sometimes I see a basic outline of the road map for my life. I have been given a few of the details of things that are coming, but never enough for me. My earthly mind always wants to fill in the blanks and fast forward to the next mile marker. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has to remember to be still and trust. Thank you for this beautiful reminder today. ❤


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