Make a difference at any age

Our eight-year-old daughter receives Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. In a recent edition she read about a girl her age that raised a significant amount of funds to send overseas to children in need. That got her thinking in ways she hadn’t considered before now.

A few days later she came to me and said, “Mom, I can’t stop thinking about that article about that girl. If she could do something to help all those kids, than maybe I can too.”

That statement started a conversation that  hasn’t stopped. We are now searching causes, discussing options, and allowing her to take the lead and guide our family on a mission of compassion. We aren’t sure where this journey leads, but we are so excited to follow, to encourage, and support her in this endeavor.

A part of me feels incredibly proud that she didn’t just think the article was nice, but instead felt the challenge to impact her world in a positive way. Another part of me feels a bit ashamed that it took my eight-year-old daughter to move my eyes from the immediate and consider how God might be calling me to serve people in other areas of the world.

The price of groceries, gas and utilities have shot up making things pretty tight around the Weeks household. In times like these it is easy to focus on our own comfort and desires. But I believe that God calls each one of us to consider the needs of others and put their needs above our own. It’s a bit uncomfortable. It’s a tad stretching. But the rewards are priceless.

I’m excited to see how Kate’s project develops. We’ve brainstormed a few ways to invite our family and community into this project and you’ll hear about those opportunities soon. Until then, pray for Kate. Pray that she continues to have a soft heart. Pray that she always responds to the gentle prodding of God. And pray that the grown-ups in her life support her as she takes this step of faith not knowing where it leads. Right now she is working on research and articulating why this cause is important. This involves our help, the public library, and time on the computer. Next, we step back, and follow her lead as she follows God.

2 thoughts on “Make a difference at any age

  1. Haunani says:

    I heard someone say recently that if through service “our feelings of compassion prevail over our selfish desires and we feel an increase in love toward another, then Heavenly Father is pleased with our efforts.” What a wonderful opportunity you are giving your daughter to allow her to feel that love and compassion toward someone else, as well as the divine love of her Heavenly Father. She sounds like an amazing girl. Truly an inspiration.


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