Spray-painted shoes

Yup, you read the title right. I really did spray paint my shoes.

I’m five foot two (well, almost). And I need heels. Especially when I stand beside my six-foot-four husband. So this whole flat/ballet shoe/slipper style that is popular right now really doesn’t help me put my best foot forward.


I found a great pair of George flat-looking shoes with a wedge heel. They were perfect with jeans, a skirt, and capris. They made my summer so much easier. I bought them in tan so they matched almost everything.

Enter Autumn.

I went back to Walmart to find a pair to wear through the winter months with dark pants and discovered this style of shoe is not available in black. What is a short girl to do?

I hit Pinterest and starting reading blogs about other women that painted their shoes. Most used regular spray paint and some struggled with the paint cracking. The thought of a big black chunk of paint flaking off in mid-stride set me off the idea.

Then I remembered an old post I made about painting a sofa. I recalled a women who painted her vinyl couch and reported absolutely no cracking. She used vinyl spray paint.

I went to Canadian Tire and in the automotive section I bought a can of spray paint designed for either vinyl or fabric.

I purchased a pair of nude wedge ‘flats’ and some painters tape. I cleaned the shoes with rubbing alcohol.

I taped off the areas I didn’t want to paint:

I sprayed the shoes three times with thin even coats, careful not to over-spray and cause the paint to run. This picture is after the second coat of paint.

Finally they are dry! I peeled off the painter’s tape and voila! I have exactly what I wanted.

Only time will tell if they hold up. I bent and twisted them to see if I could make them crack and so far so good. My painted footstools still look good – so I’m very hopeful.

5 thoughts on “Spray-painted shoes

  1. Rachel says:

    Great idea! I have had so much trouble finding black shoes that fit my feet well. Now I know it doesn’t matter what colour I find! I can always change that. Thanks!


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