Kaitlyn’s Cause: Nets for Kids

There are times in a parent’s life when your kids make you proud, like when they tell a difficult truth over the easier lie. Or when they work hard to accomplish a set goal, put on a brave face for the Doctor’s needle prick, or when they put the needs and feelings of others before their own.

It makes me think of the time Kaitlyn took the high road and put her brother’s achievement before her disappointment. It reminds me that sometimes a child has much to teach the parent.

Today is another proud day. Kate has decided that she is not too young to make a difference and that eight years old is the perfect age to begin helping other kids across the world.

With the help of her Dad, she has created a webpage called Nets For Kids. The homepage chronicles her experience raising funds through Compassion for mosquito nets. Check out the Facts page, How to get involved, and frequently return to read updates. She has set a modest goal of 20 nets. Raising $260 seems huge to her but we believe she can do it. More importantly, she believes she should do it.

One net cost $13, but they are going down in price in early November. Compassion has suggested she wait and place her order once the new price is available. Kaitlyn has started taking pledges and was excited to receive her first pledge from Oma.

If you’d like to pledge a dollar amount to her cause or pledge a certain number of nets you can contact me though this site, verbally tell us your pledge (if you know us personally) or make your check payable to Compassion Canada and mail it to:

Nets for Kids, care of Kaitlyn, 434 Hunter Rd, RR#3, Orchard Park Bible Church, NOTL, Ont, L0S 1J0

All donations over $10 will be receipted. Please include your full name and mailing address.

Words can’t describe my pleasure as a parent to see Kaitlyn looking outward rather than inward, focusing on others and their needs instead of her own. It echo’s the message God whispers to every one of us. He calls us to pour ourselves out and minister to others by His strength and for His glory. Kaitlyn’s simple belief that God will complete this project is a beautiful encouragement to me.

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