Without a net

Every pore on my flesh oozes caution. I’m a nervous investor. I err on the side of safety. I rarely take risks. I hedge my bets. Always.

But equally strong, is a new fearless desire. To leap, run, and skip across life’s tightrope, face upward, warmed by the light of the Son, depending on Him – only Him. Walking the tightrope with no net below, trusting God to catch me if I fall.

I want to be in a position that I cannot save myself because the truth is  – I cannot save myself. I like to think I can. I like to think if I am wise enough, have enough money, and take fewer risks it will cushion the fall.

That’s a lie. A lie I have believed for far too long.

The manifestation of this lie is a desire for a huge safety net in the bank. An accessible line of credit. An even more accessible credit limit so we can face whatever this fallen world throws our way. But the very thing I trust for salvation becomes the millstone around my neck. That’s what happens when you believe a lie.

When was the last time a credit card financed a real emergency? It finances wants far more often than needs. It knocks me off the rope stealing the very thing I hoped it would provide – freedom.

True freedom comes from God. True freedom comes when I depend on Him -when I radically depend on Him. I want to. I want to walk without a net.

Our family has embarked on a journey of generosity. We are striving to become financially free so we can be radically generous. We want less things and more substance. We want to live like we believe that God will provide for the future. We want to be responsible and generous. It’s time to cut the net in two and give to our neighbors today trusting God for tomorrow.

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