Family Advent Ideas

Last Christmas we made a great advent calendar. You can read about it by clicking here. It was loads of fun.

This year I’ve tweaked the idea a bit. I wanted to shift the focus from “treats for the kids” to family building activities, acts of kindness, and generosity. I still snagged a bunch of Halloween candy to fill half of the socks (a brilliant way to reduce the post Halloween candy stash!). The other half will be filled with activities we can do as a family. Here is our list of twelve:

  1. Decorate our plain colored Christmas jammies with fabric paint. I intend to use one of these ideas.
  2. Make homemade Christmas cards for the neighbors and deliver them.
  3. Bake Christmas cookies.
  4. Buy a Gift of Compassion from Compassion Canada’s gift catalog.
  5. Make sugar cone Christmas trees. (You have to scroll down the page to see the cone trees. On your way to the picture you’ll find lots of other great Christmas ideas.)
  6. Decorate the family Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music.
  7. Deliver Christmas cookies to neighbors.
  8. Buy a Christmas gift for a child on the Christmas Wish Tree.
  9. Watch a holiday movie as a family.
  10. Donate gently used toys to the Goodwill to help someone else shopping on a budget.
  11. Decide as a family on a secret act of kindness we can perform for someone else. Then do it.
  12. Make our teacher’s Christmas gifts complete with handmade cards that tell them why they are great teachers.

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