Hard Lessons

A standing rule in our home is no toys in the kitchen. Our kitchen is quite small and when I am bustling about preparing dinner the odd toy underfoot has proven to be disastrous. Another hard and fast rule is the kids have to stay away from the stove and the fireplace. It does not matter if they are on or not. They are off-limits.

Like most children, our innocent angels buck these rules.

On one particular day our youngest ran into the kitchen full of giggles and slapped his palm onto the hot casserole dish sitting on top of the stove. There was a slight delayed reaction. The first look on his face was victory, the second, pain.

Hard lessons.

Another day, one of our angels tipped his chair back onto two legs and balanced it. He gave it a gentle rock watching my reaction knowing full well the words forming on my lips.

“Tipping the chair is dangerous,” I said. “It might fall. It hurts to fall.”

See where I’m going?

Hard lessons.

As I soothe the red skin and scoop up the fallen child God reminds me that I am not much different. I learn so many truths plainly presented in scripture the hard way.

I gently remind my children that life is easier if they obey and if they trust I have their best interests at heart. All the while God reminds me of the same truth.

2 thoughts on “Hard Lessons

  1. Ruth says:

    I love “innocent angels”! Was I wrong in assuming a loving yet sarcastic voice, when read aloud ;). Doesn’t matter the age, we all push the safe boundaries.


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