Easy stocking holders

Last Christmas I opened Style at Home magazine and I saw beautiful stocking holders spelling the word peace. I loved them! However, once I priced them out I discovered I something my husband has known for years. I have very expensive taste.

I couldn’t shake the idea that these stocking holders would look perfect on our mantel so I set out to make my own.

I purchased wooden letters from the dollar store at $1 a piece. Using one of my favorite products (No More Nails) I glued the letters upright to a strip of MDF acting as the base.

I always have a tin of black paint and a tin of white paint in the house so I painted the letters black with the intention of keeping them this way. Unfortunately, when I set them up on the mantel they got lost in the greenery so I dry brushed white over the black.

I used small mug hooks (from the dollar store) and twisted them into the front of the MDF base. Volia! Stocking holders for a family of five.

They might not be as fancy as the silver ones from the magazine, but they came in at a price I can afford:$6.00. I already had No More Nails on the shelf leftover from other projects, leftover paint, and a leftover strip of MDF. For this penny-pinching mom that counts for a lot!

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