What can you buy with 5 pennies? (Karen Fletcher)

Last Christmas, my 5-year-old son’s Sunday School class participated in Operation Christmas Child (where you fill up a shoe box with toys and practical things for children in another country who don’t have much).  The next day at school, a friend gave him five pennies.  When my son got off the school bus, he ran to me and exclaimed, “Mommy, my friend gave me money and I’m going to give it to the poor kids in a country far away.”
Wow, what a beautiful heart, I thought.  Then my brain pushed my heart aside allowing my practical mind to take over and remind me you can’t even buy a hard candy for five cents these days, let alone give something helpful for poor children in another country.
The next morning we went to a craft store. While there, we checked out what we could get for the Christmas Shoe box. In the clearance section we found a pencil-case that contained a sports pencil, 3 sports erasers and a pencil sharpener that was perfect, but it wasn’t priced.
When we took it up to the cashier, she scanned it. Her shocked face matched mine. A penny!  We went back to get the rest of the pencil cases…there were 4 in total.
My son used his pennies to buy 4 pencil cases, 4 pencils, 12 erasers and 4 pencil sharpeners and still had a penny left over.  He blessed four children with school supplies.
It astounds me that I didn’t have to step in and add money so my son could do something meaningful and meet his goal of giving to children in need. God, in his sovereignty, allowed my son to use five cents to help four children. I love how God can take what little we have, along with our passion, and multiply it in ways that only He can do. My amazement and love for God continues to deepen as He teaches my family about Himself.
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Karen is a stay at home mom who volunteers at her boys’ school helping students with math and she works a few days a year with Scientists in Schools.

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