How would you respond to being racked (Random Act of Christmas Kindness)? I expected all sorts of responses, but not so many polite “no thank you’s”

Part of our Advent calendar required us to perform an act of Christmas kindness. On the same day we drew this task from our socks the boys came home with a school assignment: Perform a random our act of Christmas kindness and report back to the class what you did.

We discussed many options. We considered driving through Tim Horton’s and paying for the customer behind us. We considered donating to a local charity. We landed on spreading Christmas cheer by handing out Christmas cookies. Here are our happy helpers:


We stood in front of the grocery store and person after person barely made eye contact. They shook their heads as they passed through the doors.

After what seemed to be the millionth rejection, (and people actually looked like they were avoiding us,) we considered other options. There had to be a way to spread Christmas cheer.


We decided to bring our cheer to the people. We walked along the outdoor mall and offered cookies to everyone we passed. Many were thrilled. Most accepted a treat. All left with a smile.

We took what was left to a nearby bank and told the staff to enjoy. Another smile.

We learned that the world is full of skeptic people who assume nothing is free. We learned to smile through rejection. We learned to persevere.  We learned that someone out there just might need a little cheer, and we might be the fortunate ones to bring it to them.

It’s never too late to spread some cheer. Make it your New Years project to RACK someone. Not with an act of Christmas kindness, but with acts of Christ-like kindness.

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