A New Master Bedroom

Last year I posted about DIY headboards and bemoaned our need for some bedroom decor. If you revisit my headboard  headache you’ll find a link to where my husband found this inspiring photo:


But when this is what your new home has to offer, you feel there is a LONG way to go… Sigh. The bedroom is always the last place to renovate.

Master bedroom Master bedroom 2

No wonder I needed inspiration! We started with the basics and painted, painted, and painted some more.

The room is now my favorite blue (Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue) with white trim. We also ripped up the carpet and cleaned the beautiful hardwood floors hidden underneath.

We decided not to use our dressers and instead took 3 1/2 free-standing wardrobes (sourced locally, second-hand) and stood them side to side filling an entire length of the room creating plenty of wardrobe space. They were, of course, painted white.

I made the curtain panels. I would have preferred making the entire panel in the beautiful embroidered material, but at $35 a meter I opted to off-set the cost with some inexpensive solid white.

We found the bed frame and headboard on Kijiji and the bedside tables from the same place we purchased the wardrobes. The lamps are from Walmart and came as a set of two, the mirrors are from Homesense, (one was ‘damaged’ so it came at a bargain), and the light is an old brass chandelier painted white. We searched for bargains and took our time bringing the entire room in at a very affordable price.

Here’s the end result.


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