The Fireplace Wall

When we moved into our home our fireplace wall needed some serious attention. It needed everything, including a fireplace! I am one of those people who just loves a fireplace. It feels cozy, sort of like a piano in the home (even if no one can play).

When our new home didn’t boast this feature I knew I needed to add it. The bargain hunting began in earnest. A few deals and a lot of luck later we transformed this:

living room

into this:


Time on Kijiji, in the local Goodwill, at Ikea, and Rose Hill Auction (a place sort of like a warehouse of seconds and discontinued merchandise) provided us with a feature wall I love. Here’s the breakdown:

First we ripped up the old carpet and cleaned up the hidden hardwood underneath. Cost: sweat, and sore muscles.

We purchased the fireplace at Rose Hill Auction. When Style-at-Home magazine featured this same electric fireplace (and listed the price at $650) I knew we scored big-time. We brought it home for $125.

The cabinets are from Ikea and the cost of both, with the doors (because any Ikea shopper knows the doors often cost extra) totaled $250.


It was far too expensive to wire in lights so we found this pair of candle sconces at the Goodwill. I sprayed the dated brass with black paint. (I can see from my picture it is time to clean them! Ignore the dirty glass pls!) These were $4.00 each.


Every fireplace needs a striking piece of art above the mantel. I found these two old leaded windows salvaged from a local home, built in the early 1900’s. I simply cleaned them up and hung them as is. The candle holders are also second-hand (a friend was unloading them and I happily took them off her hands).


The only problem that remained was that the unit didn’t look like the built-in I envisioned because it was comprised of three stand alone pieces. To solve this issue (without the help of expensive carpentry) I cut white Bristol-board into strips and slipped them between the fireplace and the bookcase. They are held in place with double-sided tape.



I love it. Especially on cold winter days like today.


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