Drinking deep

I recently gave an area of my life over to God – an area I didn’t even realize I held back. I felt like I was finally giving God permission to do His will, great or small, in me. My husband gently pointed out that God doesn’t need my permission to work in my life.

He’s right. He doesn’t. God might not need my permission, but I believe He wants my submission. Big difference.

He wants me to give both success and failure to him. Hopes and dreams. Needs and wants. He is not waiting for me to turn on the green light, he’s waiting for me to submit. Submit to His green, yellow, or red light. Submission born in love and grown through life.

Life grown in Living water poured from Living words.

100_1760This life – the life I want – the all in, sold out, no looking back sort of life is a gift from God. I ask, He gives. He even gives me the desire to ask. Then He directs me to the only water that quenches. Jesus Christ.

My parched soul laps Him up, drawing Him deep. Letting His Spirit fill me. Letting His spirit direct me to the disciplines that will guide my heart into submission and remain thirsty. Always thirsty.

scripture memorization




confession and repentance

The art of Scared Listening.

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