Builder basic staircase upgrade

Jessica turned very dirty builder stairs into something much prettier.

Jessica began the usual way, unless you’re me, then you throw usual out the window, try to cheat a bit, and the project ends up taking twice as long. I guess I should say she began the way any SANE person beings a painting project. She washed the surface, sanded the stairs, and then cleaned them as best she could. (She is already MILES ahead of me.)

jess stairs 1

She stained every second step so the stairs were still somewhat usable while setting. She repeated the process until all the steps were stained then gave 3 coats of varnish following the directions and remembering to only do every second step.

jess stairs 2

Finally she primed and painted the white parts and finished up the top with a strip of edging. The only cost to her was the edging.  (Now that’s a price most of us can afford!)

jess stairs 3

She learned some lessons along the way…

  1. Do the prep work to the best of your ability. (I need to write this one down.)
  2. Make sure you have proper cleaning products for the stains and varnishes.
  3. Do the varnish on the steps before you prime or paint the white. If the white drips on the stain it is so hard to clean it up with out it being noticeable.
  4. Take your time and don’t rush it.

Supplies needed

  • sand paper
  • vacuum
  • cloth
  • brushes
  • cleaners
  • stain
  • varnish
  • primer
  • paint
  • stair edger for top
  • And most importantly: TIME!

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