Snowy Valentine

Valentine`s day is coming. I have three kids (two that require help addressing letters and cards). Three kids equals a need for 60 Valentine`s Day cards. The idea of how long it would take to address these cards and knowing our free time is very limited convinced me that this year, we would purchase our Valentines…

…until we opened our eyes to a blizzard.


Five squirrelly kids and six-and-a-half long hours to fill. We had been given the gift of time.

The ten precious minutes I had before the children popped their eyes open and discovered the school was closed were spent frantically searching Google Images for handmade Valentine ideas.

This card was shown in various pictures, from using painted hand prints to tracing and cutting like we did.


It`s easy enough to do. First you fold a paper in half and trace your child`s hand making sure the thumb and the index finger touch the fold line.



Then you cut out the hand and use it as a template for the rest of the Valentines. When you open the card the thumb and index finger make a heart shape.


On folded construction paper trace your template and cut out the hand. I did this in piles of 5. Then, have the children decorate their cards as they see fit.



Of course, the boys used LOTS of glue so our Valentine`s were spread out to dry all over the kitchen island.


Optional statement: You`re the Best, Hands Down!

Time outdoors and making our cards filled some hours, but not all. So we moved on to making sugar cookies shaped like hearts. I watered down the icing so the kids could paint their cookies. (We used new paint brushes!)




This took some serious time (thankfully!). Now we are ready for Valentine`s Day and the kids had loads of fun.


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