Making an Entrance

Most readers know I have an obsession with old windows. That’s why I love today’s renovation project.

Sherrie says they don’t have a closet in the entrance of their raised bungalow. As a result, they never had anywhere to hang a guest’s jacket. Furthermore, the entrance was always a mess of shoes and coats.  

She started her project with some great bones – free crates from a friend and a beautiful old window from another.  She tore apart some crates to use the wood so she could build a shelf in the ones she wanted to be the shoe shelf.  


She purchased hooks from the dollar store and spray painted them black.

brass hooks

painted brass hooks

She attached the hooks to a great window she received from a friend.


She wanted the shoe self to also purpose as a bench.  She used a piece of plywood, foam from an old exercise mat (the outside was ripping but the foam was still good), some batting and some material that used to be a valence and created a bench seat.  She attached it to the crates which also keeps them together nice.

sherrie 1

That’s it!  An entire entrance for $10!

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