Let there be light!

Something as simple as changing a light fixture can totally change a room. If you have ever priced out light fixtures you’ll know the nice ones, the REALLY nice ones, are expensive.

That’s why I am always on the look-out for good deals and great makeovers. The fixtures below were all purchased second-hand and all perked up with a bit of paint and a polish.

First, this beauty.


I did nothing to this light except dance around it happily when I found it at Restore (Habitat for Humanity) for $14.00. Yup, you read that right, $14.00. Sometimes it really is all about being in the right place at the right time. The beveled glass alone is gorgeous. I love how it transforms the back door entry into something beautiful.


The above beauty was purchased for $5.00 at the Christian Benefit Shop. It was all brass, had loads of “crystals” and strings of crystals dripping from every curve. It also had a glass center piece. I spray painted it cream (glass and everything), removed the strings of crystals and hung it above the dining room table.

laura light before

This light is another great example of painting out the entire fixture. The before shot shows why many people would walk past it in the second-hand store and not give it another thought.

laura light after 2

The dramatic after shot makes many of us wish we had seen it first and had Laura’s vision. She sprayed on the paint and hung it up. Laura transformed a dated light into a beautiful fixture in her baby’s nursery.

laura white light 1

The above pendant was another “paint it and forget it” find. Laura painted the entire fixture in white and gave it a second life.

You might remember this from a previous post.


When you cannot go back and wire in the lighting you desire, consider a candle wall sconce. These (there are two on either side of the fireplace) were purchased second-hand for $4.00 each. They were originally brass.

We considered pot lights in the kitchen when we updated the cabinets and counters, but were shocked at the cost to retrofit them. Instead, I found a track lighting system I liked (at Home Depot for $125) then searched Kijiji until something similar came up. This track lighting was almost identical and I purchased it for $20.


The moral of this post is patience. Know what you want and search multiple second-hand places until you find it.

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