Laundry room work station

When I was looking for an island or counter space to add to our laundry room, money was sparse. We had sunk so much onto other areas of the house I didn’t have a shoestring budget – because I couldn’t afford the shoestring. This is what results from creative minds, patience, and a willingness to compromise.

100_2102I’ll admit this after shot is not overly impressive, but it is clean and functional and suited our needs. If I could find the before shot it would blow your socks off, but I’ve lost it.

I can, however, describe the horrid condition this cabinet was in when we found it. This doorless, stained, unfinished and slightly smelly curbside find sat one road over waiting for the trash collectors. When I knocked on the door and asked permission to haul it away, the shocked owners must have questioned my sanity, as did my husband. But I had a plan.

An upper cabinet is the perfect height for a stand up work station. I cleaned it up, and painted it a leftover shade of green that matched some old bedding that we no longer used. The bedding became curtains that hid stacks of board games, sewing, and craft supplies. The counter top was stored in our garage awaiting the bathroom renovation. When we purchased a cabinet for the bathroom that came with a beautiful counter, it freed up this black beauty. It was a perfect size match. Not an inch to spare.

I’m thrilled that no money was spent, and I have a usable work station in the laundry room. One day I might replace the curtains and add doors (allowing me to change the color scheme), but for now, I have enough other projects to keep me busy.

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