Inspire me

I have three projects waiting for my attention. I have uncharacteristically put off this work because I’m not sure what to do. Maybe if you see the before shots, you can offer some inspiration on the after.

This before shot will eventually house a computer. Both pieces are solid wood (and obtained at no charge!). I am not against putting a bit of money into this makeover considering no money was spent purchasing the furniture.


This before shot is of two windows that came out of our basement during the renovation. If you have ever read my posts, you know I have a thing for windows. I CAN NOT throw these away. I like the idea of somehow inscribing ‘family rules’ and a scripture verse on the glass, but I’m not sure how. I’m open to other suggestions. They will both end up hanging vertically,  side by side, in our entry hall.


Finally, the  bathroom. Our reno down here was GREAT! Once I finish this piece of the puzzle I can post the finished results of the entire room. As you can see, none of the whites match. The only thing I will definitely keep is the fabric on the stool. The blues compliment the wall color, and the beige towels pick up the subtle beige in the pattern. The rest, well, it needs work. Do I paint? Antique? Stain? The wall hangings are tin, the half-moon table is wood, and the stool has solid wood legs. The options are endless!


Please message or comment with your ideas. I’d love to pick your collective brains.

12 thoughts on “Inspire me

  1. Donna says:

    Just look up Window Panes on Pinterest and you’ll get a million ideas…there were so many, I couldn’t pastes them all! LOL


  2. Kathy Pye says:

    Re bathroom: Paint the wall panels the darker blue in the foot stool cover. Use the same white you used for trim and repaint the table and legs of the stool. Then using colours from the stool paint the flowers & leaves on the table to match the fabric.


  3. Ruth says:

    I know Michael’s has a Martha Stewart Frost Etching, that can be tinted, not sure what color it starts out as, probably whitish.


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