Come to the Table

Both Jacqueline and Karen use their dinner table as a teaching tool. Check out their great meal time idea.

Jacqueline’s table:

Jacqueline uses an heirloom table-cloth and places each child’s school/classroom calendar at their place setting. Memory work from kids club/ Sunday school, special artwork or photos also graces their spot at the table. A paper covered tin filled with pencils is within easy reach and the napkin holder holds library books and devotions. The silent piano is at the end for silent piano practice.

jacqueline 1

Karen’s table:

1.  Table rules are posted. These remind their boys of expectations and help mom and dad be consistent.
2.  Bible verses are at their place setting so they can be easily read and always accessible. They desire to instill a set of scripture verses in their children. They chat about them over the dinner hour.
4.  If there is special art work or  important school work (for example, the French phonics sheet), it is placed at the child’s place setting. They find their children review work without being asked, simply because the sheet is where they sit.
karen 1karen 4karen 3karen 2
Clear sheet plastic can be purchased at Fabricland. Karen’s table cost $14 with taxes.
Consider giving this idea a trial run during the holidays. This family posted a picture on Pinterest of the art work their children made for Santa.
christmas table

2 thoughts on “Come to the Table

  1. Rachel says:

    We have pocket placemats for our girls for memory verses and spelling words. I find when we don’t use them we totally forget to do our memory work. It is so great to have it there in a place where you will see it every day. I love the other ideas…artwork, calendars, etc. Thanks for posting.


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