Using Supplies on Hand to Make a Raised Garden Bed

Jessica’s small backyard didn’t give her gardening heart enough space to dig in and get dirty. She had to think creatively to create gardens in various spots in her yard while still leaving enough green space for the children.

Jessica priced out landscaping brick, and after she picked her jaw up from the ground she swiftly shifted to plan B – using supplies on hand.

The previous owner had a brick sidewalk laid that stretched down the side of the house, across the back length, and into a patio. They kept the sidewalk down the side of the house, some of the patio, but pulled up the stretch along the back. The removed brick provided more than enough for a raised garden bed.

jess garden 3

Jess garden 2

Jessica had a level surface to start with because the brick sidewalk had compacted the ground. If you were building in a new spot, she recommends ensuring the ground is level.

She cleaned all the old bricks and used landscaping adhesive to secure them. She staggered them for added strength.

jess garden 6

She let the adhesive dry overnight then filled the bed with new dirt. Now the hard work is done she’s on the hunt for plants!

jess garden 7

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