Ears that Hear

“Can we go outside and play?” It is a request I hear often from the children in my care.

“Please clean up the toys first.”

“Can we go outside and play?” Tiny voices raise their volume.

“Clean up first, please.”

Seriously. On any given day, at any given moment, this is my house:


Is it crazy to want the toys picked up before a new adventure begins?

“Why aren’t you answering?” Little feet stamp. Fists curl in frustrating dramatic six-year-old fashion.

Oh how fitting, that the children in my care would mimic my temper tantrums.

How many times have I begged God for an answer only to wait, wait, and wait some more? How many times have I accused him of failing to respond, when in reality, I have failed to listen to his response?

Does He instruct me, as I instruct the children in my home, to clean up an area of life first? How many times have I missed God’s answer (and possible blessing) because I was too busy stamping my feet and shaking my fist?

Lord, give me ears that hear.

2 thoughts on “Ears that Hear

  1. Barry says:

    I’ve heard that cleaning up often and keeping things organized, makes it hard to be creative, and keep our sanity! Chaos can lead to creativity and innovation (there are articles on the internet about this so it must be true), so a healthy balance between chaos and organization is where I usually find myself. It’s getting more comfortable as I age, to be in that state of flexibility between those to radical ends of the scale. I’m guessing you are not old enough to understand this “wisdom” yet, so you’ll likely migrate along that path over time 🙂


    • stacey says:

      How kind of you to call me young 🙂 I expect balance is key to a lot of things, but for myself (and I consider myself quite creative), I function much better in an organized space. Chaos is distracting and stressful for me. In fact, if I am working on any kind of project, I find myself always organizing my work space before I begin. Although, I have been known to have slight control issues….. [grin]


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