Gazebo privacy curtains

Last year we need new privacy curtains for our 10 x 12 gazebo to block the strong sun. Purchasing curtains were out of the question. The ones that match our set came packaged with a new top and totals $400. Not an option.

Walmart carries flat panel privacy curtains for 10 x 10 gazebos’. They are about $55 a panel. That could work for the two ten 10 foot sides but it leaves the 12 foot openings without a sun shade. Also, they don’t retract. I wanted curtains I could pull across to close when the sun is bright or leave open in the evening.

Thanks to Terry Spiers’ brilliant idea, I found a large cotton canvas drop cloth at Home Depot for $24.99. Each drop cloth made one curtain. Keep reading for directions on this GREAT money-saving option. Be sure to read the one year update at the end.

You’ll need: A sewing machine, thread, iron, curtain rings and a 8 x 12 canvas drop cloth.


1. First cut the canvas down to 7 x 12 and hem the raw edge (adjust if your needed height is more than 7 feet). Then use the extra 1 foot x 12 foot length to make four long tie backs.

After sewing the tie backs turn them right-side out and press them smooth with the iron.

2. Stitch the tie backs onto the canvas curtain on either end.

3. Clip the curtain clips along the top edge of the curtain and then hook the rings over the existing hooks on the gazebo frame. (If your gazebo uses a pocket rod you can eliminate the need for clips and sew a pocket for the rod to slip through.)

I am very pleased with the results. The curtains slide easily and when not in use they tie onto the post. These pictures show one of the four curtains needed.

The perfect sun shade at a price I can afford!

Update: One year later and the fabric withstood the strong sunny season. However, the curtains need to be extended after  rain so they can dry. We had a problem with mold growing in the folds because I kept the curtains tied back too much. Lesson: after a rain extend the curtains so they can fully dry.

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