Immediate Obedience

When I give a command to my children I expect an immediate response. Sometimes the command is given to protect them, like the time I shouted, “STOP!” and Nick hit the brakes before dashing in front a car. Immediate obedience.

Read Mark 1:16-45 and take note of how many times the word immediately is used.

Seven times.

Seven times urgency is conveyed. Instant action.

If God does not hesitate to act and Jesus does not hesitate to act, why do I? I should never hesitate to turn from whatever I am following and follow God’s instant command.

I cannot trust a heritage of faith to accomplish anything on my behalf. I must follow God. I must respond.


No one can do it for me.

Lord, may I respond immediately to the call you place on my life. May I live generously, honestly, and with contentment. May I never rest on yesterday’s accomplishments, but live for you every day.

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