Storing your Child’s School Treasures

If your kids are anything like mine, they hate to part with ANYTHING. Every piece of paper is a work of art. Every page of homework is an important piece of their history. Everything is saved.

To combat the piles of papers that result and the staggering mounds of garbage that float through their bedrooms, we developed a system of moving the papers into a storage box.

Each child has their own box. Kate’s is the pink one, and the boys each have a funky zebra print box.

box 1

On the front I write each year represented and each year has a file folder.

As papers come home from school they either go onto our bulletin board, or into the box. Kate starts a new box next year, her first if filled with papers from grades JK – grade 3.

Box 2

This is where we file every craft, report card, Mother’s/Father’s day crafts, and the encouraging notes and certificates that come home from church and school. There has been an occasion where Kate has asked, “where is that ??? You know, I got it in grade 1.” And we can go to the file and easily pull out the grade one folder and find what she is looking for.

I love this system. It teaches the kids to organize their belongings, to consider what is worth saving and what can be recycled.

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