Angry Bird-Day

My 6 year-old loves angry birds. So when we planned his birthday, the invitations didn’t read Happy Birthday, they read Angry Bird-Day. He loved it.

These cards were so easy to make. Follow the steps below to re-create you own Bird-day cards.

1. I stared with a packet of blank red cards and envelopes from the dollar store. They came in a pack of 6 for $1.00. I only needed two, leaving four cards for future invitation needs.

AB 1

2. Next I cut out a small circle, using the cut piece I cut out two oval eyes.

AB 2

3. I printed off the needed text on our printer.

AB 3

4. I sketched the beak onto the yellow cardboard on the side of a no-name cracker box. I outlined the beak in black marker, cut eyebrows from construction paper, and used a hole punch to punch out two small dots (dots not shown).

AB 4

5. I glued the white paper onto the red card.

AB 5

6. I glued the white eyes onto the red face.

AB 6

7. I added the rest of the cut-outs and the result is a great angry bird-day card.

AB 7

AB 8

To maintain the theme, I cut angry bird pictures from a coloring book and glued them to paper bags. These are the “thank you” bags for his friends.


We made angry bird hats by following the same steps as posted for the card, but instead of cutting shapes on construction paper we cut the shapes from sticky-back foam. These stuck nicely to dollar store hats. I used an angry bird picture from a large coloring book as my stencil.


Finally, the angry bird cake. Using colored fondant, we traced the eyes, eyebrows, and beak and then layered them onto a red cake. I piped black icing to edge the design.

angry bird cake

We also made cupcakes following the same steps.


Angry bird-day, all for an affordable price!

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